Message From Chairman

To: All employees

     A A Electri Li Co., Ltd. sells and distributes equipment for electrical power systems and other related components to both the public and private sectors. With professional management and support to business expansion as well as quality control of products according to standards, the company focuses on administrative and management principles under the guidelines and frameworks for proper performance management for all levels of employees to follow, acknowledge, and be pride in their responsibilities to the organization, subordinates, customers, partners including community, society, and environment with responsibility awareness.

     This document is prepared with the purpose of providing management and all levels of employees in A A Electri Li Co., Ltd. to know policies and important matters of the organization as well as their responsibilities under the principles and policies, law, regulations, and moral and ethical principles with the same practices. As a result, the company will grow and succeed in business concurrently. Therefore, the company will be a good organization and trustworthy and be a part to develop the quality of population, community, environment, and society forever.

A A Electri Li Public Company Limited

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